Seren  requires an extra special home she is what her vet describes as “almost  autistic”.

She cannot be  rehomed around small furries nor children and cannot be off lead where she may come across the above. Sounds grim eh?

But before  you write her off please read the following from her foster carer:

"It has been a  long haul with Seren but I feel we have finally got her to the point  where she could be rehomed IF it was to the right person who will  understand Seren and keep her safe, what Seren needs is a "guardian",  she is very much a one owner dog and once bonded with that person is  very loving and playful.

She does find  general life to be stressful and needs a place of safety where she can  go and relax she loves her crate and is popped in there when there are  any visitors etc, although extremely obedient and she will spin on a  sixpence to recall but IF something else takes her attention she can  become completely oblivious to the rest of the world, therefore it is  not advisable to let her off lead in open areas.

She does not like  cats, rabbits etc or small children running ,however she is very  biddable and you can get her to refocus her attention on you"

Seren's  ideal home would be with either a single person or a couple in a quiet  home who are looking purely for a companion, she could live with other  larger dogs.


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9th September 2015

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