Although Tasha was not technically a F.R.R. dog, without Tasha F.R.R. would never have come  into being.

Although she has  now gone to the Bridge, we owe so much to her and her memory will always  live on in the foundations of Fife Rottweiler Rescue.

Tasha was in a  local rescue and not faring well. Gail already had a 9 month old male  Rottie, who she had purchased as a pup, when she was asked to foster Tasha until a home could be found for her.

This is what Gail  said about Tash - The Legend...

    "The first few  weeks were fantastic, and although she had absolutely no manners at all,  we soon fell in love with her and adopted her officially.

    This is where our  awareness of Rottweilers in need was awakened, as hard as it is to  believe now, we honestly never thought Rottweilers ended up in rescue,  hence the reason we brought our first pup.

    Whilst I was busy  training my male pup, and he was sitting his Kennel Club Good Citizen  "Gold" award and starting to compete in Obedience, Tasha was a whole new  ball game and challenge I hadn't really been prepared for. 

    Tash had almost  every behavioural issue going, - dog/human aggression, chasing trains  and cyclists - you name the problem, and Tash had a wee shot of it.   This prompted me down the path of studying behaviour and training, and  has enabled me to pass on what I learnt from our Tash, and I think her  and I did well together because within 2 years I was able to bring other  rotties into our home to foster, and Tasha accepted them.

    Despite all our  problems with Tash, she touched the hearts of everyone who knew her and  everyone who met her still have memories to share.

    Whilst Tasha may  be gone now, she lives on in every single dog who comes through the  doors of Fife Rottweiler Rescue.

    We miss you Tash,  you were one in a million. xxxxx"

In summer 2010,  Tasha started suffering from nosebleeds, a visit to the vets determined  that she had a nasal tumour, that was inoperable. In August 2010, Tasha  started struggling to breathe properly, as the tumour had started  growing down her windpipe..

Sadly after a good  battle against the cancer, on the 16th of August 2010, Gail and her  family had to make the heartbreaking decision to let Tasha go to the  Bridge.

R.I.P.   TASHA xxxxx



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9th September 2015

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